The Belmont Democratic Club focuses on electing local officials and supports candidates that are willing to fight for causes in a compassionate way. These causes include:

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Gun control
  • Women’s reproductive rights
  • Environmental/science
  • LGBT/racial/immigrant/disability rights
  • Medicare/Medicaid


Virginia Primary Guide

Virginia's primary is a bit confusing with two different dates. Keep up with the congressional primary coming up in June and the list of candidates vying for Jennifer Wexton's seat.

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Precinct Results for Newton Lee and Others!

Yes, we know that Russet Perry and Marty Martinson won in our Virginia senate (31) and house (29) districts.  How did we do in our precinct 814?  Initially, it appeared that Russet Perry lost in our precinct.  That is because…

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Join us September 14th!

Boost Legislative Candidates! All 140 Seats are up for voting on November 7, 2023.  It is a tough fight!  On September 14, come, meet, and support two Democratic Legislative Candidates: With Special Guest, Senator Tim Kaine! Why it is important…

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Founded in 2017

Our goals include encouraging people to vote, keeping them informed, and supporting Democratic candidates in a variety of ways