About Belmont Democratic Club

Am I the only Democrat in Belmont?

The community of Belmont Country Club is home to the Belmont Democratic Club (BDC). Located in the heart of Ashburn, Virginia, the BDC is an active group of 80+ residents. The club’s main goals include encouraging people to vote, keeping them informed, and supporting Democratic candidates in a variety of ways. We openly welcome both Democratic as well as independent-minded residents.

Early in our community’s history, Democratic residents may have felt isolated and wondered how they could make a difference in elections. All that began to change when two residents and friends connected​. What was discussed was the need to get a group of known Belmont Democrats together and to begin working toward change.

After the 2016 Presidential election, this group of kindred spirits took their first official step by participating in the Women's March in Washington, DC. Since such a large group of residents were interested in participating, a second bus was commissioned! More friendships formed on the two buses and during the march itself. Many remarked how good it felt to openly discuss feelings and passion for today's politics and several wanted to continue the momentum. In the spring of 2017, the "Belmont Democratic Club’ was officially formed.

Women's March, January 21, 2017

Linda Bailey, Fran Craig, and Barbara Tombros on the bus to the Women's March, January 21st, 2017

The Belmont Democratic Club focuses on electing local officials and supports candidates that are willing to fight for causes in a compassionate way. These causes include:

The Belmont Democratic Club represents democrats living in Belmont Country Club, please also consider joining the Loudoun County Democrats:

Belmont Democratic Club