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Join us September 14th!

July 31, 2023

Boost Legislative Candidates!

All 140 Seats are up for voting on November 7, 2023.  It is a tough fight!  On September 14, come, meet, and support two Democratic Legislative Candidates:

With Special Guest, Senator Tim Kaine!

Why it is important to support Democratic candidates now

A GOP takeover of the General Assembly would be absolutely devastating for abortion access in the South.

From Senator Mark Warner:  Every single anti-abortion bill introduced in the VA General Assembly in 2023 was defeated by Democrats. If we lose control of both chambers, there’s nothing stopping Republicans from banning abortion at 15 weeks. Or worse.  “Your donation is crucial to elect a Democratic majority in Virginia and protect access to reproductive health care.”

Right now, abortion in Virginia is legal up to 26 weeks, and even later if the pregnant person’s life is at risk. The Commonwealth is the only Southern state that hasn’t banned or rolled back abortion rights since Roe was overturned. But this freedom hinges on this year’s election, where our entire state legislature is on the ballot. And right now, GOP candidates are united around a 15-week abortion ban.