Election Guide

Welcome to our Election Guide! We list everything you need to know about upcoming election and the candidates vying for seats that represents Belmont. You can also find out how to register to vote and get links to all our current representatives.

2021 Election Ballot

Let's make sure democrats win in both Virginia and Loudoun County! Election results will be added after the election.

Go Blue!!

Governor Race

Virginia Loudoun County
Candidate Total Percentage Total Percentage
Terry McAuliffe 1,598,214 48.62% 89,390 55.25%
Glenn Youngkin 1,663,021 50.59% ✓ 71,467 44.17%

Virginia Lieutenant Governor

Virginia Loudoun County
Candidate Total Percentage Total Percentage
Hala Ayala 1,607,059 49.16% 89,636 55.64%
Winsome Sears 1,658,308 50.73% ✓ 71,272 44.24%

Attorney General

Virginia Loudoun County
Candidate Total Percentage Total Percentage
Mark Herring 1,620,044 49.54% 90,689 56.26%
Jason Miyares 1,647,075 50.37% ✓ 70,348 43.64%

House Delegate 32nd District

32nd District
Candidate Total Percentage
David Reid 23,839 57.89% ✓
Scott Pio 16,385 39.79%
Nicolas Allegro 886 2.15%

Absentee Ballots

In Virginia, all voters are authorized to request an absentee ballot due to the pandemic. Visit vote.virginia.gov to fill out the online absentee ballot application.

See Virginia Department of Elections Absentee FAQ


Question: What are the different ways I can vote in the Presidential Election?

Answer: Mike Turner, our County Supervisor, answers:

  1. Vote in person on November 3rd.
  2. Vote early in person starting on September 18th at the registrar's office on Miller Drive and, starting in early October, at early voting locations in Sterling, South Riding and Purcellville as well as Miller Drive.
  3. Vote by mail. Order your mail-in ballot online. They will be mailed to you on or just after September 18th. When you receive them, vote immediately by mail and mail them back. These must be postmarked not later than Election Day and received not later than November 6th. NOTE: I strongly recommend you NOT order a mail-in ballot then try to vote in person. It will significantly delay your ballot.
  4. The Registrar is setting up mail-in ballot drop boxes at all Loudoun County libraries. They will announce when these are set up. You can take your sealed, mail-in ballots to these drop boxes and drop them in the box. This lets you avoid the USPS completely.

Question: I received something in the mail I wasn't expecting and it looks like a ballot, is this legitimate?

Answer: No. The only exception is when you vote by mail, you will order your mail-in ballot online and they will send it after September 18th. Other than that, ignore anything you get in the mail.

Question: If I ask for an absentee ballot, am I then required to vote that way? Or can I change my mind and vote in person on Nov 3rd?

Answer: According to Mike Turner, our County Supervisor, if you do, you will delay your vote. There will be options to drop off ballots at all Loudoun County Libraries expediting the process.

Question: Last year, for the primary you could vote early by going directly to the Board of Elections and completing a ballot there and it was submitted through a voting machine. Is that possible for the Presidential election? For those who maybe choosing to vote absentee because of COVID, this may be another option.

Answer: In person absentee voting will start 30 to 45 days before November 3rd at the usual sites unless it is changed.

Question: When should I vote absentee?

Answer: You can request a mail-in ballot now, it will be mailed to you September 18th, and you can mail it back up to the deadline. We advise mailing the ballot back right away or at least two weeks before November 3rd to give it plenty of time to arrive.

Also see Virginia Elections Frequently Asked Questions

Not Sure Where to Vote?

If you are not sure which election district or precinct you live in, you can:

2020 Election Results

The results of the 2020 Election, shown at the Virginia and Loudoun County levels. You can see the full results at Virginia.gov.

Presidential Race

Candidate Total
Joe Biden ✓ 2,370,781 53.89%
Donald Trump 1,946,117 44.24%
Jo Jorgensen 63,957 1.45%
Write-in 18,399 0.42%
Loudoun County
Candidate Total
Joe Biden ✓ 137,827 61.52%
Donald Trump 81,837 36.53%
Jo Jorgensen 3,128 1.40%
Write-in 1,261 0.56%

U.S. Senate Race

Candidate Total
Mark Warner ✓ 2,423,362 55.78%
Daniel Gade 1,917,144 44.13%
Loudoun County
Candidate Total
Mark Warner ✓ 137,259 61.77%
Daniel Gade 84,756 38.15%

U.S. Congress - 10th District

10th District
Candidate Total
Jennifer Wexton ✓ 265,666 56.46%
Aliscia N. Andrews 204,356 43.43%

Our Representatives

Belmont Country Club has the following representatives:

Previous Election Results

2018 U.S. Senate - Virginia

Candidate Total
Tim Kaine ✓ 1,910,370 57.00%
Corey Stewart 1,374,313 41.01%
Candidate Newton-Lee Belmont Station
Tim Kaine 1080 56.84% 998 62%
Corey Stewart 782 41.16% 558 35%

2018 U.S. Congress - 10th District

Candidate Total
Jennifer Wexton ✓ 206,356 56.11%
Barbara Comstock 160,841 43.73%
U.S. Congress - 10th District
Candidate Newton-Lee Belmont Station
Jennifer Wexton 980 51.42% 953 60%
Barbara Comstock 923 48.43% 633 39%